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Friday, 04 October 2019

The arrivals and the overnight stays in hotels are growing in Switzerland. The details published by STNet and provided by the Federal Statistical Office certify the tourism growth in the Helvetic Republic.


In 2018, in Switzerland, the arrivals were more than 19 million (19.353.083) and the overnight stays in hotels nearly touched the 39 million (38.806.77). Compared to 2017, the arrivals marked a 4,3% increase and the overnight stays in hotel marked a 3,8% one. This growth concerns both the domestic tourism and the international one.

The STNet service allows us to use some filters in order to know more in detail the numbers of tourism in Switzerland. It’s possible to filter the arrivals and the overnight stays in hotels for year, month, country of origin and touristic region; moreover, you can also compare the data year-on-year and month-on-month, download the documents in more formats and share them. Currently, the most recent data are updated to July 2019.


In 2018, on the Top Ten of the Swiss communes, we can see Zurich in the first place, Geneva in the second one and Zermatt in the third one. Lucerne, Basel, Lausanne, Davos, Bern, Interlaken and Opfikon follow them. It’s important to note also the relevant growth of tourism in the mountains and in the big cities.


On July 2019, in Svizzera, about 2 million and 300.000 arrivals (2.278.306) and more than 4 million and 500.000 (4.563.965) overnight stays in hotels have been registered, for a growth of about 2,5% and 3,2%.


The Top 10 of the communes registered, in the first seven positions, the same cities of the whole 2018. It’s important to notice, on July 2019, the absence of Bern and the presence of St. Moritz and Grindelwald. The growth of tourism in the mountains and in the big cityes is confirmed and it’s important to note the +0,6% of countryside, still referring to July 2019.


In the section ST market groups of STnet it’s possible to note the tourism trend in Switzerland regarding the primary and active markets and the growth of the strategic ones. The image above shows the comparison between 2019 and 2018 in July 2019.

ART167-img-corpo6-760pxThe section Tourism regions & zones permits to discover the numbers regarding the overnight stays in hotel classified by year, month and country of origin. The image above shows the data as per the Italy filter.

The institutional web source to refer to in order to learn more about Switzerland is Switzerland Tourism, whose section Meetings is dedicated to business travels.

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