Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020

Friday, 29 November 2019

New Year’s Eve 2020 will be celebrated in less than a month, but not all over the wold, because the 1° January is not the first day of the new year for everyone. The Chinese New Year, for example, will be celebrated on the 25th January not only in China, but also in Bhutan, South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Singapore and Vietnam. And also in Okinawa (Giappone).

On New Year’s Eve, it’s tradition to watch stunning fireworks and shows. Some cities organize official events, for example New York (USA), with the top event in Times Square, and Sydney (Australia), with the fireworks that light Harbour Bridge and the entire bay.


In Reykjavík (Iceland), there isn’t any firework show, instead. The citizens themselves roll up their sleeves to celebrate New Year’s Eve, even without waiting the stroke of midnight: the fireworks start at 23.35, at the end of Áramótaskaup, broadcast of the national tv channel that satirize the main news of the year, each 31st December.

The party starts after watching tv shows also in Copenhagen: actually, at 18:00 on each 31st December, the Danish attend the Queen’s speech and then begin to party with a glass of champagne or a drink in one of the many bars of the Danish capital city.


In Copenhagen, on the last day of the year, the Garden of Tivoli are open until midnight and a half, too. Watch out, because the carousels will close at 21.30, while the shops and most of the restaurants at 22.00 because, at 23.00, the fireworks will begin. At the end, someone will go to the City Hall Square to listen the tolls that welcome the New Year, or on the Dronning Louise’s Bro, that crosses Nørrebro lakes.

Another destination in which your clients will surely be interested in is Scotland and, in particular, its capital Edinburgh, where, for the Hogmanay – the Scottish word for New Year’s Eve – are scheduled three days of celebrations: the Torchlight Procession on 30th December, the party in Princes Street on 31st December and the Dookers Parade on High Street on 1st January. The Loony Dook, the traditional dive on the river Forth, will follow this last one.


What for your clients that want to celebrate a warm New Year’s Eve on the beach? Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Koh Phangan in Thailand and Goa in India, just to mention some of the most famous destinations to welcome the New Year in front of the sea. What about the ones that love snow and don’t fear the cold? You can have a look at some of the best ski destinations in Europe and North America.

We stop here, aware that there are plenty of destinations for New Year’s Eve and sure that you will suggest the best for your clients and sarisfy their needs.

Enjoy your work with 6tour!

Source: The Best New Year’s Eve Holiday Destinations Around The World 2020, CN Traveller

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