Christmas 2019, the best markets in Europe

Friday, 15 November 2019

In the Top 20 drawn up by European Best Destinations (EBD) for 2019 about the European best Christmas markets, we cannot find Zagreb anymore, but not because it isn’t worth it. It’s just a matter of rules: after three consecutive victories – Zagreb was the first in 2016, in 2017 and in 2018 – you’re out of the competition.

Tallinn reached the winner’s spot. Last year, the capital city of Estonia was in the tenth position. In second place, we can find Budapest. In 2018, the capital city of Hungary ranked fourth. The bronze medal goes to Strasbourg (France), last year in the fifth position.


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However, who decided which are the best European Christmas markets 2019? The travellers who answered to EBD, an organisation located in Bruxelles (Belgium), which has worked hard since 2009 to promote tourism in Europe. About 208.424 travellers from 106 Countries expressed their preferences; specifically, the 66% of them are from European Countries and the 34% from non-European Countries.

Speaking of Bruxelles, the Belgian capital city ranked seventh, behind Poznan (Poland), Erfurt (Germany) and Wien (Austria). Aachen (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania) closes the Top 10. The Romanian one, by the way, it’s the most important city in Transylvania.


From the tenth to the twentieth position of the 2019 rank we can find:

  • Montbéliard (France)
  • Metz (France)
  • Leipzig (Germany)
  • Dresden (Germany)
  • Basel (Switzerland)
  • Cologne (Germany)
  • Nuremberg (Germany)
  • Amiens (France)
  • Seville (Spain)
  • Chester (England)

(c) Copyright Celynnen_Photography – European Best Destinations

Are there other cities which host Christmas markets that deserve a visit? Of course there are. As per every other rank of the same kind, the results are debatable. So, it’s up to you to suggest other destinations in line with your clients’ needs.

Enjoy your work with 6tour!

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