The Top 100 City Destinations 2019 rank by Euromonitor

Friday, 24 January 2020

Euromonitor International recently published the Top 100 City Destinations 2019, the rank of the 100 cities who counted the largest amount of international arrivals.

In order to understand the data at best, it’s better to know the methodology used by the society for the market searches. First of all, this rank is the result of a prevision on biannual data and regards more than 400 cities, considered on the basis of the international arrivals registered on 2018.

Secondly, Euromonitor focused itself on the so-called “hub cities” and excluded beaches (and the related sea destinations) and ski destinations that can present big amounts of international visitors.

On the tables connected to the focus, it’s possible to see the data related to the international arrivals on 2017 and 2018, the planned ones for 2019 and the variations in the rank between 2013 and 2018 and 2018 and 2019.


With the expression “international arrivals”, we have to intend both the tourists that reached the cities considered on the focus as entry point and the ones who came and reached another entry point, but visited the cities during their trip.


Euromonitor considers an “international tourist” anyone who visits another Country for at least 24 hours, who remains for no more than 12 months and who stays in paid-for accommodations, or not. Each arrival is counted separately and includes both people who travel more than once per year and who visits different cities during the trip, independently from its aim: leisure, business, visits to friends and relatives.


The “international arrivals” don’t comprehend the domestic tourists, the visitors who didn’t stop for at least 24 hours, people in transit and the cruise passengers. People with a paid job abroad, students who stay in a Country for more than 12 months, the military personnel, the transportation crew and the displaced people who run away from war or natural disasters are excluded from the focus, too.


Asia firstly, Europe secondly, North America thirdly

When Euromonitor announced the publication of its Top 100 City Destinations 2019, the press reported that the Asian cities prevail on the rank, with 43 cities on 100. Actually, this is what the society for the market searches wrote itself.

Precisely, even though Asia is the first for number of cities, the ones that belongs to the Asian territory are 40. Euromonitor inserted also Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), and Auckland (New Zealand) among the Asian cities. In the search, the word “Oceania” is not mentioned at all.

Beyond any clarification, Asia is not only the first of the rank for the number of cities, but it’s also growing constantly from 2013 in terms of international arrivals on the cities considered on the focus.

On the top of the ranks there is actually an Asian city, Hong Kong, that’s already among the leading cities of the World’s Best Cities 2019 rank by Resonance Consultancy and despite of the politic disorders of the last months. However, these disorders determined a sudden decrease of the arrivals, as Euromonitor underlines.

Hong Kong Tourism Board itself confirms the Euromonitor previsions, through its executive director Dane Cheng, who, at the beginning of January 2020, talked about a 14% decrease for 2019. Also in this case, it’s a valuation and not a definitive data.


Europa is the second of the rank with 32 cities, the same number of the 2018 edition of the focus. The first European city of the Top 100 City Destinations 2019 by Euromonitor is London (United Kingdom), who finishes at the third place, behind Bangkok (Thailand).

The position of London is a temporary one, because the uncertainties due to the Brexit are weighing also on tourism. When the data will be definitive, London could drop to the fifth position, as the society for the market search predicts.


North America is the third of the rank, thanks to 7 cities in the USA and to 2 cities in Canada. Even though the North American cities continue to grow and to collect numbers and visitors, these cities are suffering because of the major competitiveness of the Asian and European ones, as Euromonitor points out.


The first North American city of the rank is New York (USA), at the eighth place, behind Macao (another special administrative region in China, as Hong Kong), Singapore (Singapore), Paris (France) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates), ordered from the fourth to the seventh place, and in front of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Istanbul (Turkey), that closes the Top 10.

Latin America in difficulty, Middle East and Africa in increase

Latin America is in difficulty, with Mexico City (Mexico) who goes out and with only 4 cities in the rank, which lose positions. The first city of Latin America in the rank is the Mexican Cancún, on the forty-sixth step.

Middle East and Africa are growing constantly, with increasing leader destinations as Dubai for the number of international arrivals. Saudi Arabia, the second most important market in the region, registered a slowdown of the religious tourism and the arrivals related to visits to friends and relatives.


Egypt is coming back thanks to its program of tourism reform, explains Euromonitor. Cairo gains ground and, for the first time, Hurghada enter the rank. This is one of the cities that the society for the market searches invites to check out, together with Singapore, Delhi (India) and Fukuoka (Japan). This last one is at its debut on the Top 100 City Destinations, too.

Before saying goodbye, we report you that on the focus there are some analysis included and dedicated to each of the regions considered by Euromonitor. If you want to download and consult the search, available in English, it’s enough to fill out the form published on the web page Top 100 City Destinations: 2019 Edition.

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